Simpler expenses, lower carbon. makes life easier for everyone involved in the expenses claim process, and captures the details you need to reduce the cost and carbon impact of your business travel.

This unique tool is being developed especially for Creative Carbon Scotland and the cultural sector.

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Submit expenses

Submit Expenses

Staff and freelancers submit and track expenses claims on a simple online form. Trip distances (and mileage payments) are calculated automatically. Users can track their submitted claims as they wait for payment - and freelancers can use a single login to submit expenses for all their clients.

Process expenses

Process Expenses

Finance staff can easily track outstanding claims, flag claims that need more information, and mark claims as paid. The system checks budget, project and VAT details as the user submits claims, so there's much less need to followup invalid details than on a paper or Excel based system.

Understand business travel

Understand Business Travel

Detailed data on the cost, distance and carbon impact of business travel - broken down by project and budget - allows everyone from users to management to understand where and how savings can be made. If you report carbon impacts, the system also provides all the business travel data you need.